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This is the home of my linux programs. You will most certainly want to download one of the projects related to VDR. The two projects at the bottom are no longer active.


OSD-Teletext Plugin

This plugin displays teletext directly on the OSD. It provides several features, the README knows more. Please refer to the README file for more details and documentation. Compile it like other plugins.



TicTacToe - Plugin

This is a little plugin for VDR that allows you to play TicTacToe on your TV. Compile it like other plugins. Please refer to the README file for more details. You can play a Java version of this at my website.


Windows XP - We suck more



Klicklack is a plugin-based dictionary application. It features support for various dictionaries with many combinations of languages as well as a rich user interface which integrates into your KDE desktop. Since Klicklack is a major project, it is hosted at Sourceforge. Please refer to its project homepage at for de



vtticker is a perl script that grabs pages from videotext/teletext (using alevt-cap) and transfroms them to RSS, a form of XML which can be read by knewsticker (part of KDE). As videotext contains high-quality news and stock quotes - at least the stations in Germany - I thought it would be quite useful.

If you want to use it you need a subscript that is specific to your stations. Currently available scripts:
TV station Country Contents
ARD Germany News
ZDF Germany Stock quotes
If you can't find your station here, and you're either familiar with regular expressions or want to learn it, then write your own! A sample script with detailed comments is included in the package. I wrote the scripts in Perl, but since they are call as an extra process (using Perl's qx()), it should be possible to write them in any other language like Python.

Version history:

  • 26.08.2002  0.1.2  Fix in (They changed some numbers)
  • 21.06.2002  0.1.1  Tiny bugfix in
  • 25.05.2002  0.1  First public release